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Dave Mustaine on The Music Business

By On March 3, 2009

It’s been almost one year of consistent blogging here at The New Rockstar Philosophy, and we haven’t even really touched on the Metal scene. On a random YouTube search, I came across… Read More

Digital Music

The New Lo-Fi

By On February 21, 2009

Indie music is a strange beast. Sometimes its intricacies are revered and sometimes they’re reviled. I present you with two examples; Vivian Girls – Lake House Wavves – So Bored Both bands… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Elements of Timeless Songs

By On February 3, 2009

A few months ago The New Rockstar Philosophy had the privilege of speaking with David Kershenbaum. David has worked with huge names in the industry like Tracy Chapman, Cat Stevens, Joan Baez,… Read More

Music Business Commentary

John Lennon on Songwriting

By On January 12, 2009

Since Hoover posted about Noel Gallagher yesterday, I though I would let you know what the real McCoy has to say about songwriting. This is an excerpt from the book The Rolling… Read More

Digital Music

Oasis on Songwriting

By On January 11, 2009

Found a Noel Gallagher vid talking about songwriting from the Definitely Maybe album. You may or may not care about Oasis, but what I dig, is that Noel sings about what’s true… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Getting and Keeping Band Momentum!!!

By On December 12, 2008

Momentum When bands have momentum there is a buzz and an intangible, yet significant, energy around them. It can be seen when they play, it can be felt from their recordings and… Read More

Music Career

Basics: Demoing with Garageband

By On November 20, 2008

This may seem like pretty obvious stuff, but I am the type of person that needs to be told things a few times and even then it’s best just to show me.… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Kurt Cobain Music School

By On November 7, 2008

Brian Clark from Lateral Action wrote a great article about the innovative entrepreneurial skills of Kurt Cobain. According to Brian there are 3 major points that Cobain taught us: Always use a… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Connecting With People: Brett Dennen

By On November 4, 2008

  So I check certain artists on myspace on a regular basis to see if there’s anything new. I never check official sites, because all I really need to know is already… Read More

Digital Music

John Mayer Career Advice: Part 2

By On October 29, 2008

  So more vids from John Mayer at Berklee have gone up on YouTube since my last post. Thought I’d em lay out for you guys.  These are student vids so the… Read More

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