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Digital Music

Thanks to Spotify Lady Gaga Can Buy a Keg!

By On November 23, 2009

Woah, remember Spotify? One of the great hopes of the record industry? Streaming audio all the time, all the music you can take, easy to use, etc, etc,. The big plus was… Read More

Digital Music

iTunes Pass: A Subscription Model

By On February 25, 2009

Many people believe that the future of music will somehow be subscription based. Either through something like Spotify, or through an ISP subscription, or through the artists themselves. Recently that world got… Read More

Digital Music

Spotify: Streaming 2.0

By On January 6, 2009

Spotify is a new Major Label approved music service that allows users to stream music in a more web 2.0 fashion. Because it has Major Label approval, Spotify has an extensive catalog… Read More

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