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5 Tips For Changing Your Band Name

By On March 19, 2012

Recently I helped my friends change their band name. They’d been playing locally for about a year and quickly developed a solid and dedicated fanbase. But unfortunately the name had to be changed. Not only… Read More

SXSW 2011

SXSW 2011: What’s The ROI For Bands?

By On March 21, 2011

The amount of acts playing Austin during SXSW was staggering. Every broom closet with a power source was stuffed with a band ready to play their songs. But I can’t help think… Read More

SXSW 2011

SXSW 2011: A Quick Look Back

By On March 20, 2011

I’m still blurry. Was it all a dream? Did the countless bands, panels, foursquare checkins, instagram photos, cards exchanged, beers drunk, pizzas demolished, tacos destroyed, great friends met, all really happen? The New… Read More

SXSW 2011

SXSW 2011 Day 1: Lessons From Tim O’Reilly & True Blood

By On March 12, 2011

The two presentations I attended for opening day at SXSW 2011 provided me two topics I wanted go over with you guys. 1. Tim O’Reilly Follows the Joy vs. Following the Money… Read More


3 Fan Fundraising Tips From Hard Lessons

By On February 15, 2011

So our indieGoGo fan funded trip to SXSW is over. It didn’t reach our goal, but as expected we learned a lot through the experience. Hoover and I talked about digging into… Read More


Attachment, Routine, & Selling Music

By On February 7, 2011

I find it interesting how we all still want to sell recorded music and have it as the key focal point/measurement device-when it comes to monetization and success. I’m not advocating for… Read More

Searching The Cosmos For Inspiration

By On January 20, 2011

I love keeping up (as much my brain will allow) with the latest developments in the world of science. There seems to be no limit to what we continue to uncover.  As… Read More

Digital Music

Sonicbids Rolls Out Free Gig Submissions – UPDATE

By On July 8, 2010

Last month when ArtistData was gobbled up by Sonicbids there was more than a few sad faces at NRP offices. But Brenden from ArtistData assured us this was for the best. Sonicbids had… Read More

Start Planning Your Spring Tour Now

By On December 27, 2009

It has already started. SXSW has released the names of a fraction of the bands that will be playing that mecca in March. If you think you’re going there, or plan on… Read More

Digital Music

ReverbNation Does PressKits

By On March 4, 2009

ReverbNation is movin’ and a shakin’ as they have just launched their own Electronic Press Kits (EPK). As most of you know Sonicbids has something of a monopoly over the world of… Read More

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