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Friday Night Music Doc

Friday Night Music Doc: The Ramones – End Of A Century

By On December 17, 2010

The Ramones are probably one of the most underrated bands of all time. Pretty much every modern rock chord can somehow be traced to this band who never found the commercial success… Read More

Live Show

This Is Not Your Audience: Method Man Meets The Juggalos

By On August 19, 2010

Magnets how do they work? Event security how does it work? Expanding your fanbase how does it work? All questions that were floating around the heads of many people at the annual Insane Clown Posse… Read More

4 Not So Obvious Tour Tips

By On January 9, 2010

Touring is always an interesting affair. The shows, the fans, the pay, the food, the buzzing in the car, the buzzing in your ear, all can wear on you. So to help… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Taking on Obscurity: Embracing P2P

By On August 17, 2008

With the playing field levelling out, everyone and their Grandma can record a song and have it online. It used to be about trying to win-over the interest and attention of a label, but now… Read More

Digital Music

Nokia Attacks Apple's Itunes in Australia

By On April 22, 2008

Nokia is diving into the music business down under. I just read an article in an Australian publication about how the Finland based company is going in for the kill (Today: April… Read More

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