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Mayer Embraces New Media and Sells 300,000 records

By On November 26, 2009

So this is somewhat of a follow-up to my last Mayer post regarding his constant communication with fans. He just released Battle Studies last week and so far has sold over 300,000… Read More

Digital Music

3 New Interesting MySpace Changes

By On November 21, 2009

In the NRP book we wrote that although MySpace is getting pushed around by facebook it still holds weight for artists. I was concerned that I’d have to revise that during the… Read More

Digital Music

Top 3 Twitter Apps For Bands

By On October 30, 2009

Have you noticed that Twitter evolved to a new level recently? It’s not a news story that you have Twitter. Everyone does. But what this next level of Twitter is doing, is… Read More

Digital Music

Twitter Styles and Twitter Trials

By On October 7, 2009

Everyone’s on Twitter. But it’s easy to simply be on it. It takes a little more work to utilize it for your advantage. Let me breakdown a few Twitter styles that many… Read More


TweetDeck and One Stop Updating

By On September 13, 2009

Was just cruising Hypebot on a Sunday and realized TweetDeck made an update where you can update and monitor mypsace, facebook, and twitter all in the same place/time.  Services like this are… Read More


Twitter Madness

By On April 14, 2009

Was just on, checking out the tweeters with the largest following. Barack has had less time to tweet as he’s got a country to run, so CNN has taken over with… Read More

Digital Music

MySpace Is In Trouble

By On March 30, 2009

Look out kids! MySpace may be headed to the Friendster funeral home! As the Guardian recently reported, the dirty old step father of the social network world has been losing audiences worldwide.… Read More

Digital Music

Twitter: 140 Characters and the Truth

By On January 30, 2009

140 characters and the truth. This is already old news to a lot of you, but twitter is the new online connecting tool. Send short blurbs about whatever you want,  whenever you… Read More

Digital Music Music Twitter

By On October 17, 2008

Have you heard of It’s getting quite a bit of buzz lately. is a micro blogging site devoted to your music tastes. Micro blogging is essentially a status update. Twitter,… Read More

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