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The Power of Music Documentaries and What it Means For Independent Artists

By On September 19, 2011

I’m going to see Pearl Jam tonight and incredibly stoked. They’re out touring to promote 20 years together and their upcoming documentary, PJ20 (it comes out tomorrow).  It got me thinking how… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Chris Blackwell Talks About Island Records & The New Music Business Model

By On December 18, 2010

Chris Blackwell, Island Records founder, spoke to NPR about his 50 years with his label. The label that brought reggae, Bob Marley, and U2 to the world. Not a bad record as… Read More


U2 Stay Relevant Based On Output Alone – Release 3 Different Albums For 3 Different Audiences

By On October 21, 2010

Everyone knows Bono is an old man. But when the “Rock Icon” slipped a disc last year, not only did it mean an end to the U2 Tour, but it also meant… Read More

Music Production

Lessons From U2: Fail Harder

By On October 5, 2010

The Irish Times has an enlightening interview with Steve Lillywhite. A man whose been involved with U2 since the begining. In it he speaks about Bono’s talent and determination, and the failure… Read More


Songs With Endurance

By On November 1, 2009

So I got back from Vancouver after seeing U2’s last show on the 2009 North American Tour.  As a fan,  I had a great time. Every song I knew and they played… Read More


The Power of True Fans

By On October 26, 2009

I’m going to see U2 on Wednesday. It’s my first show even though I’ve been a fan for close to 10 years.  These guys are a band I need to see, a… Read More


It Might Get Loud and Uniqueness

By On October 11, 2009

Another post inspired by the movie, It Might Get Loud. Each of these guys came to the table with different flavour. Each built on something that spoke to them and made it… Read More

Music Business Commentary

It Might Get Loud and Creativity

By On October 10, 2009

A few of us have been waiting impatiently for the movie, It Might Get Loud, ever since we saw the trailer.  If you haven’t heard about this and you’re a guitar player… Read More

Music Business Commentary

TicketMaster + Live Nation Merger

By On February 4, 2009

Just when Obama brought hope into the world, another great for business, crap for the rest, music merger is upon us. In a classic big business move TicketMaster and Live Nation are… Read More

Digital Music

U2, Pirate Radio, and Fan Feedback

By On January 23, 2009

So as I search for more news and info on the upcoming U2 album, I encountered an interview with David Fanning, the guy who gets first dibs on playing new U2 material.… Read More

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