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Word of Mouth


Jack Johnson and Word of Mouth

By On March 13, 2009

Spring is coming. Well it’s almost here where I live. There’s still snow on the ground and we just had a Siberia style cold snap, but spring is coming. With that in… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Word of Mouth and Music Influencers

By On March 8, 2009

So I’m at a house party last night and end up having a long conversation about music with a drunk friend of a friend. This guy is fanatical about music and loves… Read More


IPhone Goes Flute (Ocarina) Part 2

By On November 15, 2008

That Ocarina app for the iPhone is taking off. People are video blogging their renditions of songs, talking about how great the app is, and so on. The developers made something truly… Read More

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