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Musician Alert: Facebook Becomes 2nd Largest Video Site

By On October 1, 2010

Facebook passed Yahoo to become the second largest video web content site recently. What does that mean for you as an artist? It means that even though Facebook has minimal customizations for artist… Read More

Digital Music

Social Media for Bands Day

By On June 30, 2010

Greetings! Just a quick note today that over at Hypebot they are having “Social Media Day.” It’s a idea started at Mashable but Kyle and the Hypebot team have brought it to… Read More


Why Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are on Top

By On June 17, 2010

TechCrunch has a illuminating interview with two of the music industry’s big hitters; Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter, and Justin Beibers manager Scooter Braun. I’d recommend you watch it below. It’s not a surprise that the managers… Read More


YouTube Will Make Bands Cash

By On March 26, 2010

As if you need another reason to put your music up on YouTube, now they’ve added a revenue sharing  program specifically aimed at musicians called Musicians Wanted What is revenue sharing you… Read More

Music Business Commentary

BREAKING OLD NEWS: YouTube Can Make Your Band Huge!

By On February 5, 2010

So it happened again and it will continue to happen. Another artist found their audience on YouTube. Pomplamoose started in the summer of 2008 cleverly covering the popular hits of the day.… Read More


Increase Your YouTube Content Quickly

By On August 13, 2009

My iPod broke recently, and I have little music on my main computer. That has forced me to look through the scattered rubble that is YouTube. It’s strange that even after the… Read More

Music Business Commentary

Songs Are the Artform

By On February 4, 2009

This whole singles vs. album thing keeps coming up in conversations, blogs, articles, etc… Heavy and I were having a heated Sunday-pint-and-brunch debate on the concept of the album. His argument was… Read More


Artists House Live Broadcast

By On January 29, 2009

Yesterday held an interactive live broadcast with George Howard. It was not without some technical issues, but it was fun and informative. Streaming video conferences, or whatever you want to call… Read More

Digital Music

A Marketing Savvy Flutist??

By On December 7, 2008

So I was browsing YouTube and came across a video by Greg Patillo, a flutist who’s really taking advantage of YouTube to market his music. He has a few vids up but… Read More

Digital Music

Band Video EPKs

By On November 25, 2008

I came across a video EPK for Erin McCarley, a singer/songwriter promoting a new album on Universal/Republic. After a few minutes, I knew what she was about and what I could expect… Read More

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